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L, CCW Data Documentation February 2021

For most files, a table of variables will display below, with links to the variable definitions. If no table displays, or if you need additional information for a specific variable, please see the CCW website. Data documentation is available for all files and codebooks for many.

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NumberSAS NameVariable Name
1 BENE_ID Encrypted CCW Beneficiary ID
2 CLM_ID Claim ID
3 NCH_NEAR_LINE_REC_IDENT_CD NCH Near Line Record Identification Code (RIC)
4 NCH_CLM_TYPE_CD NCH Claim Type Code
5 CLM_FROM_DT Claim From Date (FFS)
6 CLM_THRU_DT Claim Through Date (FFS)
7 NCH_WKLY_PROC_DT NCH Weekly Claim Processing Date
8 FI_CLM_PROC_DT FI Claim Process Date
9 CLAIM_QUERY_CODE Claim Query Code
10 PRVDR_NUM Provider Number
11 CLM_FAC_TYPE_CD Claim Facility Type Code (FFS)
12 CLM_SRVC_CLSFCTN_TYPE_CD Claim Service Classification Type Code (FFS)
13 CLM_FREQ_CD Claim Frequency Code (FFS)
14 FI_NUM FI or MAC Number
15 CLM_MDCR_NON_PMT_RSN_CD Claim Medicare Non Payment Reason Code
16 CLM_PMT_AMT Claim (Medicare) Payment Amount
17 NCH_PRMRY_PYR_CLM_PD_AMT NCH Primary Payer (if not Medicare) Claim Paid Amount
18 NCH_PRMRY_PYR_CD NCH Primary Payer Code (if not Medicare)
19 FI_CLM_ACTN_CD FI or MAC Claim Action Code
20 PRVDR_STATE_CD NCH Provider SSA State Code
21 ORG_NPI_NUM Organization (or group) NPI Number
22 SRVC_LOC_NPI_NUM Claim Service Location NPI Number
23 AT_PHYSN_UPIN Claim Attending Physician UPIN Number
24 AT_PHYSN_NPI Claim Attending Physician NPI Number (FFS)
25 AT_PHYSN_SPCLTY_CD Claim Attending Physician Specialty Code
26 OP_PHYSN_UPIN Claim Operating Physician UPIN Number
27 OP_PHYSN_NPI Claim Operating Physician NPI Number (FFS)
28 OP_PHYSN_SPCLTY_CD Claim Operating Physician Specialty Code
29 OT_PHYSN_UPIN Claim Other Physician UPIN Number
30 OT_PHYSN_NPI Claim Other Physician NPI Number (FFS)
31 OT_PHYSN_SPCLTY_CD Claim Other Physician Specialty Code
32 RNDRNG_PHYSN_NPI Rendering Physician NPI (FFS)
33 RNDRNG_PHYSN_SPCLTY_CD Claim or Revenue Center Rendering Physician Specialty Code
34 RFRG_NPI Claim Referring Physician NPI Number
35 RFRG_SPCLTY_CD Claim Referring Physician Specialty Code
36 CLM_MCO_PD_SW Claim MCO Paid Switch
37 PTNT_DSCHRG_STUS_CD Patient Discharge Status Code (FFS)
38 CLM_TOT_CHRG_AMT Claim Total Charge Amount
39 NCH_BENE_BLOOD_DDCTBL_LBLTY_AM NCH Beneficiary Blood Deductible Liability Amount
40 NCH_PROFNL_CMPNT_CHRG_AMT Professional Component Charge Amount
41 NCH_BLOOD_PNTS_FRNSHD_QTY NCH Blood Pints Furnished Quantity
42 PRNCPAL_DGNS_CD Claim Principal Diagnosis Code (FFS)
43 ICD_DGNS_CD1 Claim Diagnosis Code I (FFS)
44 ICD_DGNS_CD2 Claim Diagnosis Code II (FFS)
45 ICD_DGNS_CD3 Claim Diagnosis Code III (FFS)
46 ICD_DGNS_CD4 Claim Diagnosis Code IV (FFS)
47 ICD_DGNS_CD5 Claim Diagnosis Code V (FFS)
48 ICD_DGNS_CD6 Claim Diagnosis Code VI (FFS)
49 ICD_DGNS_CD7 Claim Diagnosis Code VII (FFS)
50 ICD_DGNS_CD8 Claim Diagnosis Code VIII (FFS)
51 ICD_DGNS_CD9 Claim Diagnosis Code IX (FFS)
52 ICD_DGNS_CD10 Claim Diagnosis Code X (FFS)
53 ICD_DGNS_CD11 Claim Diagnosis Code XI (FFS)
54 ICD_DGNS_CD12 Claim Diagnosis Code XII (FFS)
55 ICD_DGNS_CD13 Claim Diagnosis Code XIII (FFS)
56 ICD_DGNS_CD14 Claim Diagnosis Code XIV (FFS)
57 ICD_DGNS_CD15 Claim Diagnosis Code XV (FFS)
58 ICD_DGNS_CD16 Claim Diagnosis Code XVI (FFS)
59 ICD_DGNS_CD17 Claim Diagnosis Code XVII (FFS)
60 ICD_DGNS_CD18 Claim Diagnosis Code XVIII (FFS)
61 ICD_DGNS_CD19 Claim Diagnosis Code XIX (FFS)
62 ICD_DGNS_CD20 Claim Diagnosis Code XX (FFS)
63 ICD_DGNS_CD21 Claim Diagnosis Code XXI (FFS)
64 ICD_DGNS_CD22 Claim Diagnosis Code XXII (FFS)
65 ICD_DGNS_CD23 Claim Diagnosis Code XXIII (FFS)
66 ICD_DGNS_CD24 Claim Diagnosis Code XXIV (FFS)
67 ICD_DGNS_CD25 Claim Diagnosis Code XXV (FFS)
68 FST_DGNS_E_CD First Claim Diagnosis E Code (FFS)
69 ICD_DGNS_E_CD1 Claim Diagnosis E Code I (FFS)
70 ICD_DGNS_E_CD2 Claim Diagnosis E Code II (FFS)
71 ICD_DGNS_E_CD3 Claim Diagnosis E Code III (FFS)
72 ICD_DGNS_E_CD4 Claim Diagnosis E Code IV (FFS)
73 ICD_DGNS_E_CD5 Claim Diagnosis E Code V (FFS)
74 ICD_DGNS_E_CD6 Claim Diagnosis E Code VI (FFS)
75 ICD_DGNS_E_CD7 Claim Diagnosis E Code VII (FFS)
76 ICD_DGNS_E_CD8 Claim Diagnosis E Code VIII (FFS)
77 ICD_DGNS_E_CD9 Claim Diagnosis E Code IX (FFS)
78 ICD_DGNS_E_CD10 Claim Diagnosis E Code X (FFS)
79 ICD_DGNS_E_CD11 Claim Diagnosis E Code XI
80 ICD_DGNS_E_CD12 Claim Diagnosis E Code XII
81 ICD_PRCDR_CD1 Claim Procedure Code I (FFS)
82 PRCDR_DT1 Claim Procedure Code I Date (FFS)
83 ICD_PRCDR_CD2 Claim Procedure Code II (FFS)
84 PRCDR_DT2 Claim Procedure Code II Date (FFS)
85 ICD_PRCDR_CD3 Claim Procedure Code III (FFS)
86 PRCDR_DT3 Claim Procedure Code III Date (FFS)
87 ICD_PRCDR_CD4 Claim Procedure Code IV (FFS)
88 PRCDR_DT4 Claim Procedure Code IV Date (FFS)
89 ICD_PRCDR_CD5 Claim Procedure Code V (FFS)
90 PRCDR_DT5 Claim Procedure Code V Date (FFS)
91 ICD_PRCDR_CD6 Claim Procedure Code VI (FFS)
92 PRCDR_DT6 Claim Procedure Code VI Date (FFS)
93 ICD_PRCDR_CD7 Claim Procedure Code VII (FFS)
94 PRCDR_DT7 Claim Procedure Code VII Date (FFS)
95 ICD_PRCDR_CD8 Claim Procedure Code VIII (FFS)
96 PRCDR_DT8 Claim Procedure Code VIII Date (FFS)
97 ICD_PRCDR_CD9 Claim Procedure Code IX (FFS)
98 PRCDR_DT9 Claim Procedure Code IX Date (FFS)
99 ICD_PRCDR_CD10 Claim Procedure Code X (FFS)
100 PRCDR_DT10 Claim Procedure Code X Date (FFS)
101 ICD_PRCDR_CD11 Claim Procedure Code XI (FFS)
102 PRCDR_DT11 Claim Procedure Code XI Date (FFS)
103 ICD_PRCDR_CD12 Claim Procedure Code XII (FFS)
104 PRCDR_DT12 Claim Procedure Code XII Date (FFS)
105 ICD_PRCDR_CD13 Claim Procedure Code XIII (FFS)
106 PRCDR_DT13 Claim Procedure Code XIII Date (FFS)
107 ICD_PRCDR_CD14 Claim Procedure Code XIV
108 PRCDR_DT14 Claim Procedure Code XIV Date
109 ICD_PRCDR_CD15 Claim Procedure Code XV
110 PRCDR_DT15 Claim Procedure Code XV Date
111 ICD_PRCDR_CD16 Claim Procedure Code XVI
112 PRCDR_DT16 Claim Procedure Code XVI Date
113 ICD_PRCDR_CD17 Claim Procedure Code XVII
114 PRCDR_DT17 Claim Procedure Code XVII Date
115 ICD_PRCDR_CD18 Claim Procedure Code XVIII
116 PRCDR_DT18 Claim Procedure Code XVIII Date
117 ICD_PRCDR_CD19 Claim Procedure Code XIX
118 PRCDR_DT19 Claim Procedure Code XIX Date
119 ICD_PRCDR_CD20 Claim Procedure Code XX
120 PRCDR_DT20 Claim Procedure Code XX Date
121 ICD_PRCDR_CD21 Claim Procedure Code XXI
122 PRCDR_DT21 Claim Procedure Code XXI Date
123 ICD_PRCDR_CD22 Claim Procedure Code XXII
124 PRCDR_DT22 Claim Procedure Code XXII Date
125 ICD_PRCDR_CD23 Claim Procedure Code XXIII
126 PRCDR_DT23 Claim Procedure Code XXIII Date
127 ICD_PRCDR_CD24 Claim Procedure Code XXIV
128 PRCDR_DT24 Claim Procedure Code XXIV Date
129 ICD_PRCDR_CD25 Claim Procedure Code XXV
130 PRCDR_DT25 Claim Procedure Code XXV Date
131 RSN_VISIT_CD1 Reason for Visit Diagnosis Code I (FFS)
132 RSN_VISIT_CD2 Reason for Visit Diagnosis Code II (FFS)
133 RSN_VISIT_CD3 Reason for Visit Diagnosis Code III (FFS)
134 NCH_BENE_PTB_DDCTBL_AMT NCH Beneficiary Part B Deductible Amount
135 NCH_BENE_PTB_COINSRNC_AMT NCH Beneficiary Part B Coinsurance Amount
136 CLM_OP_PRVDR_PMT_AMT Claim Outpatient Provider Payment Amount
137 CLM_OP_BENE_PMT_AMT Claim Outpatient Payment Amount to Beneficiary
138 DOB_DT Date of Birth from Claim
139 GNDR_CD Gender Code from Claim
140 BENE_RACE_CD Beneficiary Race Code (FFS)
141 BENE_CNTY_CD County Code from Claim (SSA)
142 BENE_STATE_CD Beneficiary Residence (SSA) State Code (FFS)
143 BENE_MLG_CNTCT_ZIP_CD Zip Code of Residence from Claim
144 CLM_MDCL_REC Claim Medical Record Number (FFS)
145 CLM_TRTMT_AUTHRZTN_NUM Claim Treatment Authorization Number
146 CLM_PRCR_RTRN_CD Claim Pricer Return Code
147 CLM_SRVC_FAC_ZIP_CD Claim service facility ZIP code (where service was provided)
148 CLM_OP_TRANS_TYPE_CD Claim Outpatient transaction type
149 CLM_OP_ESRD_MTHD_CD Claim Outpatient End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Method of Reimbursement Code
150 CLM_NEXT_GNRTN_ACO_IND_CD1 Claim Next Generation (NG) Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Indicator Code - Population-Based Payment (PBP)
151 CLM_NEXT_GNRTN_ACO_IND_CD2 Claim Next Generation (NG) Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Indicator Code - Telehealth
152 CLM_NEXT_GNRTN_ACO_IND_CD3 Claim Next Generation (NG) Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Indicator Code - Post Discharge HH visits
153 CLM_NEXT_GNRTN_ACO_IND_CD4 Claim Next Generation (NG) Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Indicator Code - 3-day SNF waiver
154 CLM_NEXT_GNRTN_ACO_IND_CD5 Claim Next Generation (NG) Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Indicator Code - Capitation
155 ACO_ID_NUM Claim Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Identification Number
156 CLM_BENE_ID_TYPE_CD Claim Beneficiary Identifier Type Code
157 CLM_RSDL_PYMT_IND_CD Claim Residual Payment Indicator Code
158 PRVDR_VLDTN_TYPE_CD Provider Validation Type Code
159 RR_BRD_EXCLSN_IND_SW Railroad Board Exclusion Indicator Switch
160 CLM_MODEL_REIMBRSMT_AMT Claim Model Reimbursement Amount

Revenue Center File

NumberSAS NameVariable Name
1 BENE_ID Encrypted CCW Beneficiary ID
2 CLM_ID Claim ID
3 CLM_THRU_DT Claim Through Date (FFS)
4 CLM_LINE_NUM Claim Line Number
5 NCH_CLM_TYPE_CD NCH Claim Type Code
6 REV_CNTR Revenue Center Code (FFS)
7 REV_CNTR_DT Revenue Center Date
8 REV_CNTR_1ST_ANSI_CD Revenue Center 1st ANSI Code
9 REV_CNTR_2ND_ANSI_CD Revenue Center 2nd ANSI Code
10 REV_CNTR_3RD_ANSI_CD Revenue Center 3rd ANSI Code
11 REV_CNTR_4TH_ANSI_CD Revenue Center 4th ANSI Code
12 REV_CNTR_APC_HIPPS_CD Revenue Center APC or HIPPS Code
13 HCPCS_CD Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) Code (FFS)
14 HCPCS_1st_mdfr_cd HCPCS Initial Modifier Code (FFS)
15 HCPCS_2ND_MDFR_CD HCPCS Second Modifier Code (FFS)
16 HCPCS_3RD_MDFR_CD HCPCS Third Modifier Code (FFS)
17 HCPCS_4TH_MDFR_CD HCPCS Fourth Modifier Code (FFS)
18 REV_CNTR_PMT_MTHD_IND_CD Revenue Center Payment Method Indicator Code
19 REV_CNTR_DSCNT_IND_CD Revenue Center Discount Indicator Code
20 REV_CNTR_PACKG_IND_CD Revenue Center Packaging Indicator Code
21 REV_CNTR_PRCNG_IND_CD Revenue Center Pricing Indicator Code
22 REV_CNTR_OTAF_PMT_CD Revenue Center Obligation to Accept As Full (OTAF) Payment Code
23 REV_CNTR_IDE_NDC_UPC_NUM Revenue Center IDE, NDC, or UPC Number (FFS)
24 REV_CNTR_UNIT_CNT Revenue Center Unit Count (FFS)
25 REV_CNTR_RATE_AMT Revenue Center Rate Amount
26 REV_CNTR_BLOOD_DDCTBL_AMT Revenue Center Blood Deductible Amount
27 REV_CNTR_CASH_DDCTBL_AMT Revenue Center Cash Deductible Amount
28 REV_CNTR_COINSRNC_WGE_ADJSTD_C Revenue Center Coinsurance/Wage Adjusted Coinsurance Amount
29 REV_CNTR_RDCD_COINSRNC_AMT Revenue Center Reduced Coinsurance Amount
30 REV_CNTR_1ST_MSP_PD_AMT Revenue Center 1st Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Paid Amount
31 REV_CNTR_2ND_MSP_PD_AMT Revenue Center 2nd Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Paid Amount
32 REV_CNTR_PRVDR_PMT_AMT Revenue Center (Medicare) Provider Payment Amount
33 REV_CNTR_BENE_PMT_AMT Revenue Center Payment Amount to Beneficiary
34 REV_CNTR_PTNT_RSPNSBLTY_PMT Revenue Center Patient Responsibility Payment
35 REV_CNTR_PMT_AMT_AMT Revenue Center (Medicare) Payment Amount
36 REV_CNTR_TOT_CHRG_AMT Revenue Center Total Charge Amount
37 REV_CNTR_NCVRD_CHRG_AMT Revenue Center Non-Covered Charge Amount
38 REV_CNTR_DDCTBL_COINSRNC_CD Revenue Center Deductible Coinsurance Code
39 REVSTIND Revenue Center Status Indicator Code
40 RC_PTNT_ADD_ON_PYMT_AMT Revenue Center Patient/Initial Visit Add-On Payment Amount (for initial wellness visit)
41 REV_CNTR_NDC_QTY Revenue Center National Drug Code (NDC) Quantity (FFS)
42 REV_CNTR_NDC_QTY_QLFR_CD Revenue Center NDC Quantity Qualifier Code (FFS)
43 RNDRNG_PHYSN_UPIN Revenue Center Rendering Physician UPIN
44 RNDRNG_PHYSN_NPI Rendering Physician NPI (FFS)
45 RNDRNG_PHYSN_SPCLTY_CD Claim or Revenue Center Rendering Physician Specialty Code
46 THRPY_CAP_IND_CD1 Therapy cap Indicator 1 Code
47 THRPY_CAP_IND_CD2 Therapy cap Indicator 2 Code
48 TRNSTNL_DRUG_ADD_ON_PYMT_AMT Transitional Drug Add-On Payment Amount
49 REV_CNTR_RP_IND_CD Revenue Center Representative Payee (RP) Indicator Code
50 RC_MODEL_REIMBRSMT_AMT Revenue Center Model Reimbursement Amount
51 RC_VLNTRY_SRVC_IND_CD Revenue Center Voluntary Service Indicator Code
52 ORDRG_PHYSN_NPI Revenue Center Ordering Physician NPI

Condition Code File

NumberSAS NameVariable Name
1 BENE_ID Encrypted CCW Beneficiary ID
2 CLM_ID Claim ID
3 NCH_CLM_TYPE_CD NCH Claim Type Code
4 RLT_COND_CD_SEQ Claim Related Condition Code Sequence
5 CLM_RLT_COND_CD Claim Related Condition Code (FFS)

Occurence Code File

NumberSAS NameVariable Name
1 BENE_ID Encrypted CCW Beneficiary ID
2 CLM_ID Claim ID
3 NCH_CLM_TYPE_CD NCH Claim Type Code
4 RLT_OCRNC_CD_SEQ Claim Related Occurrence Code Sequence
5 CLM_RLT_OCRNC_CD Claim Related Occurrence Code (FFS)
6 CLM_RLT_OCRNC_DT Claim Related Occurrence Date (FFS)

Span Code File

NumberSAS NameVariable Name
1 BENE_ID Encrypted CCW Beneficiary ID
2 CLM_ID Claim ID
3 NCH_CLM_TYPE_CD NCH Claim Type Code
4 RLT_SPAN_CD_SEQ Claim Related Span Code Sequence
5 CLM_SPAN_CD Claim Occurrence Span Code (FFS)
6 CLM_SPAN_FROM_DT Claim Occurrence Span From Date (FFS)
7 CLM_SPAN_THRU_DT Claim Occurrence Span Through Date (FFS)

Value Code File

NumberSAS NameVariable Name
1 BENE_ID Encrypted CCW Beneficiary ID
2 CLM_ID Claim ID
3 NCH_CLM_TYPE_CD NCH Claim Type Code
4 RLT_VAL_CD_SEQ Claim Related Value Code Sequence
5 CLM_VAL_CD Claim Value Code (FFS)
6 CLM_VAL_AMT Claim Value Amount

Demonstrations/Innovations Code File

NumberSAS NameVariable Name
1 BENE_ID Encrypted CCW Beneficiary ID
2 CLM_ID Claim ID
3 NCH_CLM_TYPE_CD NCH Claim Type Code
4 DEMO_ID_SQNC_NUM Demonstration sequence number
5 DEMO_ID_NUM Demonstration number
6 DEMO_INFO_TXT Demo information text