Research Identifiable File (RIF) Requests

Where are you in the process for requesting research identifiable data?

Helpful information you should know to guide you through the process


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What type of requester are you?

Academic/Nonprofit organization conducting research to answer a research question with the intention of publishing publicly available reports and articles
A researcher associated with a for-profit organization, or anyone conducting research with the intent to create a product or tool to be sold
Qualified Entity
Qualified Entity evaluating the performance of providers of services and suppliers and generating specified public reports
State Agency
State agency conducting research to study a state program or policy
Federal Agency
Federal agencies conducting research to study a federal program or policy
CMMI Grantee
Organization conducting research under a grant from the CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation

Get the documents you need

Use this helpful tool to generate a customized output of request materials needed for you to submit your CMS data request