For-profit organization requiring identifiable data to conduct research that contributes to the development of a tool or product


I am an Innovator if:

I am employed by a for-profit organization or want to conduct research to create tools or products. I intend to sell the tool or product or create analyses that is for my organization's business needs.

The agency has established certain conditions under which innovator researchers may access CMS data. These conditions include:

  1. Approval of a research protocol under the existing research request process
  2. An additional level of review that will focus on whether the product, tool, or analyses could exploit beneficiaries or create the potential for fraud and/or abuse in CMS programs
  3. Data is accessed via the CMS Virtual Research Data Center (VRDC). VRDC access requires an IP address registered for use in the United States. Innovators must be a United States resident.
  4. Output downloaded from VRDC is consistent with CMS cell suppression policy.

Unique features of Innovator research:

  • Required to use the VRDC
  • Can sell output or reports
  • Request packet requires additional CMS review
  • Linked and survey data are not available


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