Federally Assigned Service Category Code Added During TAF Production

SAS Name

A federally-assigned service category code added during TAF production using a standard methodology to classify similar types of service use records across all claim files and across both feefor-service and managed care encounter records. It also allows for consistent identification of nonclaim financial transactions, including managed care capitation records, other per-member-per-month payments, and DSH payments.


Not all FASC codes are applicable to each claim type. Technical documentation for the Federally-Assigned Service Category Code is available in DQ Atlas. Navigate to the “DQ Atlas Resources” page, and then expand the “Additional data quality information” box: https://www.medicaid.gov/dq-atlas/landing/resources/downloads

In Illinois, because of the unique situation with their final action claims, FED_SRVC_CTGRY_CD is assigned to only original claims.

Source: T-MSIS Analytic File (TAF) Claims