File Version:
CCW Data Documentation version date 5/17/17
File Version:
CCW Data Documentation version date 5/17/17

Cost and Use segment

NumberSAS NameVariable Name
1 BENE_ID Encrypted CCW Beneficiary ID
3 ENRL_SRC Enrollment Source
4 ACUTE_BENE_PMT Acute Inpatient Hospital Beneficiary Payments
5 ACUTE_MDCR_PMT Acute Inpatient Medicare Payments
6 ACUTE_PERDIEM_PMT Acute Inpatient Hospital Pass-thru Per Diem Payments
7 ACUTE_PRMRY_PMT Acute Inpatient Hospital Primary Payer Amount
8 ACUTE_STAYS Acute Inpatient Stays
9 ACUTE_COV_DAYS Acute Inpatient Medicare Covered Days
10 READMISSIONS Acute Inpatient Hospital Readmissions
11 IP_ER_VISITS Inpatient Emergency Room Visits
12 OIP_BENE_PMT Other Inpatient Hospital Beneficiary Payments
13 OIP_MDCR_PMT Other Inpatient Hospital Medicare Payments
14 OIP_PERDIEM_PMT Other Inpatient Hospital Pass-thru Per Diem Payments
15 OIP_PRMRY_PMT Other Inpatient Hospital Primary Payer Amount
16 OIP_STAYS Other Inpatient Stays
17 OIP_COV_DAYS Other Inpatient Hospital Covered Days
18 SNF_BENE_PMT Skilled Nursing Facility Beneficiary Payments
19 SNF_MDCR_PMT Skilled Nursing Facility Medicare Payments
20 SNF_PRMRY_PMT Skilled Nursing Facility Primary Payer Amount
21 SNF_STAYS Skilled Nursing Facility Stays
22 SNF_COV_DAYS Skilled Nursing Facility Medicare Covered Days
23 HOS_MDCR_PMT Hospice Medicare Payments
24 HOS_PRMRY_PMT Hospice Primary Payer Amount
25 HOS_STAYS Hospice Stays
26 HOS_COV_DAYS Hospice Medicare Covered Days
27 HH_MDCR_PMT Home Health Medicare Payments
28 HH_PRMRY_PMT Home Health Primary Payer Amount
29 HH_VISITS Home Health Visits
30 HOP_BENE_PMT Hospital Outpatient Beneficiary Payments
31 HOP_MDCR_PMT Hospital Outpatient Medicare Payments
32 HOP_PRMRY_PMT Hospital Outpatient Primary Payer Amount
33 HOP_VISITS Hospital Outpatient Visits
34 HOP_ER_VISITS Hospital Outpatient Emergency Room Visits
35 ASC_BENE_PMT Ambulatory Surgery Center Beneficiary Payments
36 ASC_MDCR_PMT Ambulatory Surgery Center Medicare Payments
37 ASC_PRMRY_PMT Ambulatory Surgery Center Primary Payer Amount
38 ASC_EVENTS Ambulatory Surgery Center Events
39 ANES_BENE_PMT Anesthesia Beneficiary Payments
40 ANES_MDCR_PMT Anesthesia Medicare Payments
41 ANES_PRMRY_PMT Anesthesia Primary Payer Amount
42 ANES_EVENTS Anesthesia Events
43 PTB_DRUG_BENE_PMT Part B Drug Beneficiary Payments
44 PTB_DRUG_MDCR_PMT Part B Drug Medicare Payments
45 PTB_DRUG_PRMRY_PMT Part B Drug Primary Payer Amount
46 PTB_DRUG_EVENTS Part B Drug Events
47 EM_BENE_PMT Evaluation and Management Beneficiary Payments
48 EM_MDCR_PMT Evaluation and Management Medicare Payments
49 EM_PRMRY_PMT Evaluation and Management Primary Payer Amount
50 EM_EVENTS Evaluation and Management Events
51 PHYS_BENE_PMT Part B Physician Beneficiary Payments
52 PHYS_MDCR_PMT Part B Physician Medicare Payments
53 PHYS_PRMRY_PMT Part B Physician Primary Payer Amount
54 PHYS_EVENTS Part B Physician Events
55 DIALYS_BENE_PMT Dialysis Beneficiary Payments
56 DIALYS_MDCR_PMT Dialysis Medicare Payments
57 DIALYS_PRMRY_PMT Dialysis Primary Payer Amount
58 DIALYS_EVENTS Dialysis Events
59 OPROC_BENE_PMT Other Procedures Beneficiary Payments
60 OPROC_MDCR_PMT Other Procedures Medicare Payments
61 OPROC_PRMRY_PMT Other Procedures Primary Payer Amount
62 OPROC_EVENTS Other Procedures Events
63 IMG_BENE_PMT Imaging Beneficiary Payments
64 IMG_MDCR_PMT Imaging Medicare Payments
65 IMG_PRMRY_PMT Imaging Primary Payer Amount
66 IMG_EVENTS Imaging Events
67 TEST_BENE_PMT Tests Beneficiary Payments
68 TEST_MDCR_PMT Tests Medicare Payments
69 TEST_PRMRY_PMT Tests Primary Payer Amount
70 TEST_EVENTS Tests Events
71 DME_BENE_PMT Durable Medical Equipment Beneficiary Payments
72 DME_MDCR_PMT Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Payments
73 DME_PRMRY_PMT Durable Medical Equipment Primary Payer Amount
74 DME_MDCR_PMT Durable Medical Equipment Events
75 OTHC_BENE_PMT Other Part B Carrier Beneficiary Payments
76 OTHC_MDCR_PMT Other Part B Carrier Medicare Payments
77 OTHC_PRMRY_PMT Other Part B Carrier Primary Payer Amount
78 OTHC_EVENTS Other Part B Carrier Events
79 PTD_BENE_PMT Part D Beneficiary Payments
80 PTD_MDCR_PMT Part D Medicare Payments
81 PTD_EVENTS Part D Event Count
82 PTD_FILL_CNT Part D Standardized Fill Count
83 PTD_TOTAL_RX_CST Part D Total Prescription Costs