Part D Standardized Fill Count

SAS Name

Part D prescribing events (PDE) consist of highly variable days supply of the medication. This derived variable creates a standard 30 days supply of a filled Part D prescription, and counts this as a “fill”. The Part D fill count does not indicate the number of different drugs the person is using, only the total months covered by a medication (e.g., if a patient is receiving a full year supply of a medication, whether this occurs in one transaction or 12 monthly transactions, the fill count = 12; if the patient is taking three such medications, the fill count=36).


The value will be null if the beneficiary was not enrolled in Part D or did not use any Part D drugs during the year.

We also calculate the actual number of prescription drug fill events for Part D drugs for a given year (i.e., a unique count of the PDE_IDs); see variable PTD_EVENTS.

Source: CCW (derived)

Null/missing or 1-XXXX