Anesthesia Medicare Payments

SAS Name

This variable is the total Medicare payments for part B anesthesia services (ANES) for a given year. ANES claims are a subset of the claims, and a subset of procedures in the Part B Carrier data file.

ANES claims are defined as those with a line BETOS code (BETOS_CD) where the first 2 digits = “P0” and the CARR_LINE_MTUS_CD='2'. The total Medicare payments are calculated as the sum of LINE_NCH_PMT_AMT where the LINE_PRCSG_IND_CD was ('A','R', or 'S') - for all relevant lines


There are 11 cost/use categories from the Carrier Part B and DME data files – the ASC, Anesthesia, Part B Drug, Physician, E & M, dialysis, imaging, tests, other procedures, DME and other carrier claims.

Source: CCW (derived)