Other Part B Carrier Events

SAS Name

This variable is the count of events in the part B other setting for a given year, which includes Part B Carrier and DME claims which appear in settings other than the 10 specific categories which are part of this file for a given year. Claims for other carrier/DME claims are a subset of the claims in the Part B Carrier and DME data files.

Types of services which may have been summarized in this other carrier category (OTHC) include ambulance, chiropractor, chemotherapy, vision, hearing and speech services, etc.

An event is defined as each line item that contains the relevant service.


There are 11 cost/use categories from the Carrier Part B and DME data files – the ASC, Anesthesia, Part B Drug, Physician, E & M, dialysis, imaging, tests, other procedures, DME and other carrier claims.

Null/missing or 1-XXX