For most files, a table of variables will display below, with links to the variable definitions. If no table displays, or if you need additional information for a specific variable, please see the CCW website. Data documentation is available for all files and codebooks for many.

If you are unable to locate the information you need, please contact ResDAC.

NumberSAS NameVariable Name
1 CCW_PHARM_ID CCW-assigned Pharmacy Identifier
2 NCPDP_ID NCPDP Pharmacy Identifier (Pharmacy Characteristics)
3 PREV_CCW_PHARM_ID Previous Owner CCW Pharmacy identifier
4 PHYSICAL_LOCATION_CLOSE_DATE Physical Location of Pharmacy Closure Date
5 PHYSICAL_LOCATION_OPEN_DATE Physical Location of Pharmacy Open Date
6 PHYSICAL_LOCATION_STATE_CODE Physical Location of Pharmacy State Code
7 DISPENSER_CLASS Part D Dispenser Class Code
8 PRIMARY_DISPENSER_TYPE Pharmacy Primary Dispenser Type Code
9 PRIMARY_TAXONOMY_CD Pharmacy Primary Taxonomy Code
10 SECONDARY_DISPENSER_TYPE Pharmacy Secondary Dispenser Type Code
11 SECONDARY_TAXONOMY_CODE Pharmacy Secondary Taxonomy Code
12 TERTIARY_DISPENSER_TYPE Pharmacy Tertiary Dispenser Type Code
13 TERTIARY_TAXONOMY_CODE Pharmacy Tertiary Taxonomy Code
14 RELATIONSHIP_ID Pharmacy Relationship Identifier (encrypted)
15 RELATIONSHIP_FROM_DT Pharmacy Relationship From Date
16 RELATIONSHIP_THRU_DT Pharmacy Relationship Through Date
17 RELATIONSHIP_TYPE Pharmacy Relationship Type
18 PRNT_ORG_ID Pharmacy Parent Organization Identifier (encrypted)
19 EPRSCRB_SRVC_IND E-Prescribing Services Indicator
20 EPRSCRB_SRVC_CD Code Indicating the E-Prescribing Services Offered
21 DME_SRVC_IND DME Services Indicator
22 DME_SRVC_CD Code Indicating the DME Services Offered
23 WALKIN_CLINIC_IND Walk-in Clinic Services Indicator
24 WALKIN_CLINIC_CD Code Indicating the Level of Walk-in Clinic Services Offered
25 IMMUNIZATIONS_IND Immunization Services Indicator
26 IMMUNIZATIONS_CD Code Indicating the Level of Immunization Services Offered
27 STATUS_340B_IND 340B Status Indicator
28 STATUS_340B_CD Code Indicating the Level of 340B Services Offered