Creating an Analytic File

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This video is one segment in a series of videos from ResDAC’s Introduction to using Medicare Fee-for-Service (FFS) Data for Research.

Looking to analyze Research Identifiable Files (RIF), but not sure where to start? The complexity and size of RIF requires researchers to develop strategies that reduce processing times. One such strategy is creating a reduced and ready-to-use dataset, also known as an analytic file.

This presentation walks through one method of creating a simple analytic file and provides considerations and resources for troubleshooting. Topics include:

  • Benefits of an analytic file
  • Using your end goal to plan your analytic file
  • Creating an analytic file, including
    • combining multiple files to create variables
    • rolling up multiple lines to the desired unit of observation
  • Ideas for troubleshooting issues such as missing data and changes in measures over time
  • Useful resources for billing guidelines and policy changes

A considerable amount of time and effort is usually required to transform RIF files to work in a research framework. This presentation provides background that will be useful to both principal investigators and analysts.

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