New Medicaid and CHIP Data Now Available

CMS is pleased to announce the release of two new annual files to the suite of research files based on state Transformed Medicaid Statistical Information System (T-MSIS) submissions, called T-MSIS Analytic Files (TAFs). Today’s release includes the first version of the Annual Managed Care Plan (APL) and Annual Provider (APR) TAFs for calendar years 2014–2016. With this release, users can link additional plan and provider information to existing beneficiary and claims data and perform more complete analyses by plan and provider. The APL and APR TAFs will be included in all future RIF releases.

The TAFs include annual files that contain demographic and eligibility information for all Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries, as well as claims files that contain service use and payment records. They are designed to meet the diverse research needs of the Medicaid and CHIP data user community. This release is adding two new annual files for managed care plans (APL) and providers (APR) increasing the number of annual files now available to researchers.

Data can be obtained for a particular state, group of states, or a national sample with an approved Data Use Agreement. Find more information on the data, including record layouts, on this page that lists all TAF files. To learn how to request TAF data, start here or contact us at or 888-973-7322.