TAF Annual Managed Care Plan (APL)

The TAF APL file contains information about managed care organizations serving Medicaid enrollees. By linking the information in the APL to other TAFs, users can enhance their analyses focused on plans and providers. For example, users can describe their results by plan name. Users can also identify whether the plan serves Medicaid, CHIP, or both; whether the plan operates under a waiver or state plan authority; how the plan reimburses its providers; and whether the plan is for profit.

What does this file include (variable highlights)

  • Managed Care Plan type
  • Waivers such as 1115
  • Eligible population indicators such as CHIP coverage

Special considerations

  • This file does not contain individual service records but contains information about plans that can be linked to individual enrollment information and may help put utilization into context.

Availability of this file

CY 2014-2018
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