TAF Data Quality Resources

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has developed a series of Data Quality Briefs and summary Data Quality State Snapshots to inform data users of known Medicaid TAF data quality concerns.

  • CMS has developed a new Medicaid DQ Atlas, an interactive, web-based tool that helps policymakers, analysts, researchers, and other stakeholders explore the quality and usability of the Medicaid TMSIS Analytic File (TAF). The charts, maps, and tables in the new DQ Atlas show state-level DQ assessments and associated measure values for topics that are pertinent to Medicaid and CHIP.

  • This document describes the development and content of the TAF annual Demographic & Eligibility (DE) file. The TAF DE includes information on the demographic, eligibility, and enrollment characteristics of beneficiaries who were enrolled in Medicaid or in CHIP for at least one day during any given calendar year.

  • This document describes the development and content of the four claims files that contain service use and payment records: (1) the IP file includes institutional inpatient services and payments, (2) the LT file includes institutional long-term care services and payments, (3) the OT file includes all other medical services and payments, and (4) the RX file includes prescription drug fills and pharmacy payments.

  • This document provides instructions for analyzing claims data submitted by Illinois. This is a short-term solution that will help make the data usable until the state can implement changes to address this issue.