State-Specific Eligibility Group Code - January

SAS Name

The composite of eligibility mapping factors used to create the corresponding Maintenance Assistance Status (MAS) and Basis of Eligibility (BOE) values (before January 1, 2014) and ELIGIBILITY-GROUP values (on or after January 1, 2014); in the month. There are separate variables for each of the 12 months during the year.

This field should not include information that already appears elsewhere on the EligibleFile record even if it is part of the MAS and BOE or ELGBLTY_GRP_CD algorithm (e.g., age information computed from BIRTH_DT or BENE_CNTY_CD).


SOURCE: T-MSIS Annual Demographic and Eligibility TAF

Maximum six alphanumeric characters (may include spaces)
Code Code value
Null/missing source value is missing or unknown