DUA Extension and VRDC Access Renewal Reminder

Reminder: Data Use Agreements (DUAs) and Virtual Research Data Center (VRDC) access needs to be extended or renewed annually. These are two separate actions with separate expiration dates. ResDAC recommends creating a calendar reminder 60 days before the expiration to begin the process of extending the DUA or VRDC access. Missing an email reminder is not an acceptable explanation for missing a renewal deadline.

Expiring DUAs
All DUAs, regardless of how the data is accessed, must be extended annually or closed if you are no longer using the data. An expired DUA is a violation of the agreement and prevents any action on all DUAs for your organization. The DUA Requester will receive email notifications from CMS' EPPE system indicating a DUA is about to expire; however, it is the Requester's responsibility to manage the DUA and submit the necessary documentation to keep the DUA in good standing. You can look up your DUA information in the CMS EPPE system. See Managing your project after obtaining the data for instructions on how to extend or close your DUA. Note: an extension cannot be processed more than 60 days before the expiration date listed on the DUA.

VRDC Project and Seat Renewals
If you access data in the VRDC, you must renew your project and seats on an annual basis. It is the Requester's responsibility to submit the VRDC project and seat renewal request. The VRDC Seat Holder will receive email notifications from the Chronic Conditions Warehouse (CCW) about the need to renew VRDC project and seat access. It is important for the VRDC Seat Holder to view project and seat expiration dates on the CCW VRDC dashboard to ensure timely renewal. The process to renew your VRDC projects and seats can take several weeks. Follow the Manage CCW VRDC Access instructions and start the process early to maintain your VRDC access.