Race and Ethnicity Constructed Code - Latest in Year

SAS Name

A constructed variable indicating the beneficiary’s race and ethnicity; most recent in the calendar and all prior years.


This variable is constructed in the TAF if either the RACE or ETHNICITY-CODE source variables has a valid value, a non-missing code will be assigned.

If the TAF variable (ETHNCTY_CD) indicates beneficiary is Hispanic, value is set to 7 regardless of what is reported in the RACE data element. Otherwise, if there is at least one valid race code, value is set to reflect the reported race code(s). If neither of these conditions is met, but the ETHNCTY_CD indicates the beneficiary is NOT Hispanic, value is set to 8. If both source variables are missing or unknown, constructed variable is set to NULL.

SOURCE: T-MSIS Annual Demographic and Eligibility TAF

Code Code value
1 White, non-Hispanic
2 Black, non-Hispanic
3 Asian, non-Hispanic
4 American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN), non-Hispanic
5 Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
6 Multiracial, non-Hispanic
7 Hispanic, all races
Null/missing source value is missing or unknown