Procedure Code 1

SAS Name

A procedure code (ICD9/ICD10, CPT, HCPCS or other) used by the state to identify the procedures performed during the hospital stay.

The principal procedure is recorded in PRCDR_CD_1. The corresponding date is PRCDR_CD_DT_1, and PRCDR_CD_SYS_1 is the coding system/nomenclature used to identify the procedure. The principal procedure is performed for definitive treatment rather than for diagnostic or exploratory purposes. It is closely related to either the principal diagnosis or to complications that arise during other treatments.


The record layout allows for up to six procedure codes; PRCDR_CD_2 through PRCDR_CD_6 (and related data elements) record secondary, tertiary, etc. procedures.

SOURCE:  T-MSIS Analytic File (TAF) Claim