Missing Enrollment Type Code in Monthly Beneficiary Summary File – November

SAS Name

A flag to indicate that the person had only unknown enrollment in the month. There are separate variables for each of the 12 months during the year.


This derived variable is created in the ADE TAF to identify cases in which the beneficiary’s enrollment start and end dates are valid, but the enrollment type is “unknown”; the person is not classified as enrolled in either Medicaid or CHIP. Months where the value 0 indicates that the code for enrollment type is not missing, and 1 indicates that it is missing. If the variable that indicates that the enrollment type is missing is null, then the beneficiary was not enrolled at any time during the month.

SOURCE: T-MSIS Annual Demographic and Eligibility TAF

Code Code value
0 No
1 Yes
Null/missing source value is missing or unknown