Encrypted TMSIS Case Number - Latest in Year

SAS Name

The state-assigned number which uniquely identifies the Medicaid case to which the enrollee belongs; most recent in the calendar and all prior years.

The definition of a case varies. There are single-person cases (mostly aged and blind/disabled) and multi-person cases (mostly TANF) in which all members of the case have the same case number, but a unique MSIS identification number. A warning for longitudinal research efforts: a person’s case number may change over time.


Although states assign a case number that may be up to 12 digits, this value is encrypted in the CCW.

SOURCE: T-MSIS Annual Demographic and Eligibility TAF

Alphanumeric character string, 32 characters
(Ex- 2A81866B302C768A539BBE79FFB835FB)
Code Code value
Null/missing source value is missing or unknown