DRG Code System/Nomenclature

SAS Name

An indicator identifying the grouping algorithm used to assign Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) values.


SOURCE: T-MSIS Analytic File (TAF) Claims

The value has intelligence. Values are generated by combining two types of information: Position 1-2, State/Group generating DRG:
• If state specific system, fill with two digit US postal code representation for state.
• If CMS Grouper, fill with “HG”. (e.g., common to see HG33; also see a lot of 3M##)
• If any other system, fill with “XX”.
Position 3-4, fill with the number that represents the DRG version used (01-98).
For example, “HG33" would represent CMS Grouper version 33
Code Code value
Null/missing source value is missing, unknown, or not on the valid value list or within the range of valid values