DE Version Representing the Iteration of the File

SAS Name

Indicator representing the iteration of the file.


The second character of DE_VRSN ranges from ‘1’ to ‘9,’ then from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ to cover versions higher than nine. For example, a ninth version of a final file would be ‘F9,’ a tenth version would be ‘FA,’ an eleventh version would be ‘FB,’ and so forth.

An initial/original version of the Preliminary (P1) and Final (F1) DE TAF will always be generated. Subsequent versions (P2-P9; F2-F9) may be generated depending upon need.

SOURCE: T-MSIS Annual Demographic and Eligibility TAF

Code Code value
P1-P9, PA-PZ Designate preliminary files prior to the creation of a final year file containing data for all states.
F1-F9, FA-FZ Designate final files that include data for all states and have been released to the user community.