Beneficiary Part D Plan Enrollment Type Code

SAS Name

This variable contain the enrollment type code, which is used to identify the source/mechanism of the Part D enrollment. 


Source: CMS Common Medicare Environment (CME)

Code Code value
A Part D Auto Enrolled by CMS
B Beneficiary Election (Beneficiary Made Plan Choice)
C Part D Facilitated Enrollment by CMS
D System Generated Enrollment (Rollover)
E Plan Submitted Auto Enrollment
F Plan Submitted Facilitated Enrollment
G Point of Sale (POS) submitted enrollment (i.e., pharmacy enrolled beneficiary in a LINET plan)
H CMS or Plan Submitted Re-assignment Enrollment
I Assigned to Plan Submitted Transactions with Enrollment Source Other than any of the Following: B, E, F, G, H and blank
J State Submitted Passive Enrollment
K CMS Submitted Passive Enrollment
L Financial Alignment (FA) Demonstration Beneficiary Election
N Rollover by Plan Transaction
Missing/null Unknown