Part D Plan Election Type Beneficiary Summary File

This Medicare Part D file identifies beneficiaries covered by the Low Income Subsidy (LIS) program for Part D Plan enrollment. 

What does this file include? (variable highlights)

  • Part D Plan enrollment and disenrollment dates
  • Enrollment type, eg:  auto, facilitated, passive, point of sale
  • Months of LIS subsidy
  • Beneficiary self-selector indicator
  • Contract ID
  • Plan ID
  • Linking variables:
    • CCW Beneficiary ID: linkage to the PDE and all other CMS Medicare or Medicaid data files
    • Contract ID and Plan ID: linkage to the Part D Plan Characteristics file

Why do researchers request this file?

Special considerations

  • There is at least one record for every beneficiary enrolled in Part D during the year; there may be multiple records if more than one plan was elected during the year.
  • This file consists of two sub-files, Part D Plan Election File and Part D Re-Assignment File. When the Part D Plan Election Type Beneficiary Summary File is requested and approved, both sub-files are automatically delivered. The two sub-files link by CCW Beneficiary ID.

Availability of this file


CY 2007-2021

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