Admission Type Code

SAS Name

The basic types of admission for Inpatient hospital stays and a code indicating the priority of this admission.


SOURCE: T-MSIS Analytic File (TAF) Claims

Code Code value
1 Emergency: The patient requires immediate medical intervention as a result of severe, life threatening or potentially disabling conditions. Generally, the patient is admitted through the emergency room.
2 Urgent: The patient requires immediate attention for the care and treatment of a physical or mental disorder. Generally, the patient is admitted to the first available and suitable accommodation.
3 Elective: The patient’s condition permits adequate time to schedule the availability of a suitable accommodation.
4 Newborn: The patient is a newborn delivered either inside the admitting hospital (UB04 FL 15 value 5 [A baby born inside the admitting hospital] or outside of the hospital (UB04 FL 15 value “6” [A baby born outside the admitting hospital]).
5 Trauma: The patient visits a trauma center (A trauma center means a facility licensed or designated by the State or local government authority authorized to do so, or as verified by the American College of surgeons and involving a trauma activation.)
Null/missing source value is missing, unknown, or not on the valid value list or within the range of valid values