Medicare-Medicaid Linked Enrollee Analytic Data Source (MMLEADS) 2.0

The Medicare-Medicaid Linked Enrollee Analytic Data Source (MMLEADS) 2.0 suite of files combines Medicare and Medicaid enrollment and claims data into four annual beneficiary-level files. The files include beneficiaries who are Medicare-only, Medicare-Medicaid dually enrolled and Medicaid-only blind and disabled.

Source data

  • Medicare: FFS, PDE and MA
  • Medicaid: MAX data

What does this file include? (variable highlights)

  • Eligibility, enrollment variables
  • Aggregated cost and use
    • Medicare: FFSPDE includes FFS and MA
    • Medicaid: FFS, managed care encounter where available
  • Prescription Drug service utilization reported for classes of drugs
  • Chronic Condition flags - 27 CCW Chronic Conditions plus an additional 25 other condition flags
  • All four files are released for approved MMLEADS data requests
    • Beneficiary file
    • Medicare Services file
    • Medicaid Services file
    • Conditions file

Special considerations

Availability of this file

CY 2006-2012
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