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CCW data documentation December, 2019

For most files, a table of variables will display below, with links to the variable definitions. If no table displays, or if you need additional information for a specific variable, please see the CCW website. Data documentation is available for all files and codebooks for many.

If you are unable to locate the information you need, please contact ResDAC.

Base Claim File

NumberSAS NameVariable Name
1 BENE_ID Encrypted CCW Beneficiary ID
2 SAMPLE_GROUP CCW Beneficiary Random Sample Group
3 ENC_JOIN_KEY Unique Encounter Join Key
4 CLM_TYPE_CD Claim Type Code
5 CLM_FROM_DT Claim From Date (Encounter)
6 CLM_THRU_DT Claim Through Date (Encounter)
7 SRVC_MONTH Service Month
8 CLM_CHRT_RVW_SW Claim Chart Review Switch
9 CLM_CNTL_NUM Claim Control Number
10 CLM_ORIG_CNTL_NUM Claim Original Control Number
11 CLM_FINL_ACTN_IND Claim Final Action Indicator
12 CLM_LTST_CLM_IND Latest Claim Indicator
13 EDPS_CREATE_DT Encounter Data Processing System (EDPS) Create Date
14 CLM_RCPT_DT Claim Receipt Date
15 CLM_FREQ_CD Claim Frequency Code (Encounter)
16 CNTRCT_NUM Medicare Part C Contract Number
17 CNTRCT_PBP_NUM Medicare Part C Plan Benefit Package (PBP) Number
18 CLM_MDCL_REC Claim Medical Record Number (Encounter)
19 ORG_NPI Organization NPI Number (Encounter)
20 ORG_TXNMY_CD Organization Taxonomy Code
21 CLM_PLACE_OF_SRVC_CD Claim Place of Service Code
22 CLM_RNDRNG_PHYSN_NPI_NUM Claim Rendering Physician NPI Number
23 RFRG_NPI Claim Referring Physician NPI Number
24 PRNCPAL_DGNS_CD Claim Principal Diagnosis Code (Encounter)
25 PRNCPAL_DGNS_VRSN_CD Claim Principal Diagnosis Version Code (FFS)
26 ICD_DGNS_CD1 Claim Diagnosis Code 1 (Encounter)
27 ICD_DGNS_VRSN_CD1 Claim Diagnosis Code 1 Diagnosis Version Code (ICD-9 or ICD-10) (Encounter)
28 ICD_DGNS_CD2 Claim Diagnosis Code 2 (Encounter)
29 ICD_DGNS_VRSN_CD2 Claim Diagnosis Code 2 Diagnosis Version Code (ICD-9 or ICD-10) (Encounter)
30 ICD_DGNS_CD3 Claim Diagnosis Code 3 (Encounter)
31 ICD_DGNS_VRSN_CD3 Claim Diagnosis Code 3 Diagnosis Version Code (ICD-9 or ICD-10) (Encounter)
32 ICD_DGNS_CD4 Claim Diagnosis Code 4 (Encounter)
33 ICD_DGNS_VRSN_CD4 Claim Diagnosis Code 4 Diagnosis Version Code (ICD-9 or ICD-10) (Encounter)
34 ICD_DGNS_CD5 Claim Diagnosis Code 5 (Encounter)
35 ICD_DGNS_VRSN_CD5 Claim Diagnosis Code 5 Diagnosis Version Code (ICD-9 or ICD-10) (Encounter)
36 ICD_DGNS_CD6 Claim Diagnosis Code 6 (Encounter)
37 ICD_DGNS_VRSN_CD6 Claim Diagnosis Code 6 Diagnosis Version Code (ICD-9/ICD-10) (Encounter)
38 ICD_DGNS_CD7 Claim Diagnosis Code 7 (Encounter)
39 ICD_DGNS_VRSN_CD7 Claim Diagnosis Code 7 Diagnosis Version Code (ICD-9 or ICD-10) (Encounter)
40 ICD_DGNS_CD8 Claim Diagnosis Code 8 (Encounter)
41 ICD_DGNS_VRSN_CD8 Claim Diagnosis Code 8 Diagnosis Version Code (ICD-9 or ICD-10) (Encounter)
42 ICD_DGNS_CD9 Claim Diagnosis Code 9 (Encounter)
43 ICD_DGNS_VRSN_CD9 Claim Diagnosis Code 9 Diagnosis Version Code (ICD-9 or ICD-10) (Encounter)
44 ICD_DGNS_CD10 Claim Diagnosis Code 10 (Encounter)
45 ICD_DGNS_VRSN_CD10 Claim Diagnosis Code 10 Diagnosis Version Code (ICD-9 or ICD-10) (Encounter)
46 ICD_DGNS_CD11 Claim Diagnosis Code 11 (Encounter)
47 ICD_DGNS_VRSN_CD11 Claim Diagnosis Code 11 Diagnosis Version Code (ICD-9 or ICD-10) (Encounter)
48 ICD_DGNS_CD12 Claim Diagnosis Code 12 (Encounter)
49 ICD_DGNS_VRSN_CD12 Claim Diagnosis Code 12 Diagnosis Version Code (ICD-9 or ICD-10) (Encounter)
50 ICD_DGNS_CD13 Claim Diagnosis Code 13 (Encounter)
51 ICD_DGNS_VRSN_CD13 Claim Diagnosis Code 13 Diagnosis Version Code (ICD-9 or ICD-10) (Encounter)
52 CLM_OBSLT_DT Claim Obsolete Date
53 CLM_BPRVDR_CITY_NAME Billing Provider Address - City
54 CLM_BPRVDR_USPS_STATE_CD Billing Provider Address - USPS State Code
55 CLM_BPRVDR_ADR_ZIP_CD Billing Provider Zip Code
56 CLM_SUBSCR_CITY_NAME Medicare Subscriber Address - City
57 CLM_SUBSCR_USPS_STATE_CD Medicare Subscriber Address - USPS State Code
58 CLM_SUBSCR_ADR_ZIP_CD Medicare Subscriber Address - ZIP Code
59 BENE_CNTY_CD Beneficiary County Code from Claim (SSA)
60 BENE_STATE_CD Beneficiary Residence (SSA) State Code (Encounter)
61 BENE_MLG_CNTCT_ZIP_CD Beneficiary ZIP Code of Residence
62 GNDR_CD Gender Code from Encounter record
63 BENE_RACE_CD Beneficiary Race Code (Encounter)
64 DOB_DT Date of Birth from Encounter
65 BENE_MDCR_STUS_CD Beneficiary Medicare Status Code
66 TAX_NUM Provider Tax Number
67 BENE_STATE State of beneficiary (postal abbreviation)


NumberSAS NameVariable Name
1 BENE_ID Encrypted CCW Beneficiary ID
2 ENC_JOIN_KEY Unique Encounter Join Key
3 CLM_TYPE_CD Claim Type Code
4 CLM_LINE_NUM Claim Line Number (Encounter)
5 LINE_NUM_ORIG Original Claim Line Number
6 CLM_THRU_DT Claim Through Date (Encounter)
7 PRVDR_NPI Line Rendering Physician NPI
8 PRVDR_SPCLTY Line CMS Provider Specialty Code
9 LINE_SRVC_CNT Line Service Count (Encounter)
10 LINE_PLACE_OF_SRVC_CD Line Place of Service Code (Encounter)
11 LINE_1ST_EXPNS_DT Line First Expense Date (Encounter)
12 LINE_LAST_EXPNS_DT Line Last Expense Date (Encounter)
13 HCPCS_CD Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) Code (Encounter)
14 HCPCS_1ST_MDFR_CD HCPCS Initial Modifier Code (Encounter)
15 HCPCS_2ND_MDFR_CD HCPCS Second Modifier Code (Encounter)
16 HCPCS_3RD_MDFR_CD HCPCS Third Modifier Code (Encounter)
17 HCPCS_4TH_MDFR_CD HCPCS Fourth Modifier Code (Encounter)
18 LINE_NDC_CD Line National Drug Code (NDC) (Encounter)
19 LINE_LTST_CLM_IND Line Latest Claim Indicator