CMMI Model Data Sharing (CMDS) Beneficiary File

The Beneficiary file is one of a set of three files types (entity, provider, beneficiary) included for each model. A Beneficiary is someone who is entitled to health services under a federal health insurance plan. A Beneficiary is associated with an Entity and is not tied to a specific Provider, but rather to the set of providers in an entity group.

What does this file include? (variable highlights)

  • Model ID (with which the Beneficiary is associated)
  • Entity ID (with which the Beneficiary is associated)
  • CCW Beneficiary ID
  • Beneficiary Start Date
  • Beneficiary End Date
  • Voluntary Alignment Indicator

The Entity ID is the only key field needed to link a Beneficiary to their Entity.

The Beneficiary file also contains the CCW Beneficiary ID that can be used to link to claims and other relevant CCW data.

A Beneficiary may have an End Date of 12/31/9999, which indicates that the Beneficiary is “currently” participating in the model.

Availability of this file

Varies by model start and end date

This file set will be updated on a quarterly basis, reflecting changes captured for the prior quarter.

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