CMMI Model Data Sharing (CMDS) Initiative Makes New Model Participation Data Available to Researchers

CMS is pleased to announce the availability of Research Identifiable Files (RIFs) for four additional CMS Innovation Center models.

CMS is releasing new participation data for the following models:

These four models join the six models previously released in August, 2022, bringing the total to ten models represented in the CMMI Model Data Sharing (CMDS) model participation files. Each model in the release will include a set of three files, one per participant type (entity, provider, beneficiary). Each set of files will be updated on a quarterly basis, reflecting changes captured for the prior quarter. Quarterly updates will include “full replacement files” and will contain data from the launch of each model to the current quarter. The group of models for which files are available will expand over time to include additional models.

To get information about the participating models and data files, please visit the CMMI Model Data Sharing Model Participation Data Initiative page.