2020 Medicaid and CHIP Data Now Available

CMS is pleased to announce that updated Medicaid T-MSIS Analytic Files (TAFs) for service year 2020 are now available. The TAF research files* contain data on Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) beneficiary demographics, program enrollment, service use, and payments. They are designed to meet the diverse research needs of the Medicaid and CHIP data user community. In November 2021, CMS made "preliminary" TAF enrollment and claims files for service year 2020 available to researchers. This preliminary 2020 RIF data was not fully mature because states were still submitting 2020 service data to CMS. Today's 2020 TAF research file release contains fully mature data, which includes at least 12 months of runout for each service month. Please note, CMS is continuing to work with states to address data quality issues and we anticipate updating the 2020 TAF research files again in 2023.

Some key improvements include:

  • A Federally Assigned Service Category (FASC) variable on the header records in all claim file types. The FASC provides TAF users with an alternative method to identify, select, and consistently categorize claims data across states’ TAF files.
  • Monthly eligibility change reason code variables in the Annual Demographic and Eligibility file; these variables identify the reason for a change in an individual's eligibility status during the calendar year.

*The TAF research files currently include 7 file types:

  • Annual Demographics and Eligibility (DE)
  • Inpatient (IP)
  • Long-Term Care (LT)
  • Pharmacy (RX)
  • Other Services (OT)
  • Annual Managed Care Plan (APL)
  • Annual Provider (APR)

The DE file contains demographic, eligibility and enrollment information for all Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries enrolled for at least one day during the calendar year. The IP, LT, RX, and OT files contain fee-for-service claims, managed care encounter claims, and per-person-per-month capitated payments, plus newly available non-person service payments, for Medicaid and CHIP services, organized by service month. The APL file contains information about each Medicaid and CHIP managed care plan/entity that CMS authorized to operate in a state during the calendar year. Finally, the APR file contains information about the providers that are eligible to render services to Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries for any month of the year.

TAF data are available for service years 2014 to 2020. Find more information on the data, including record layouts, on this page. To learn how to request TAF data, start here or contact us at resdac@umn.edu or 888-973-7322.