Type of Cost Sharing in the Part D Plan Deductible Phase

SAS Name

This variable indicates whether there is cost sharing on any tiers in the deductible phase and, if so, whether the part D plan uses the same cost sharing in the deductible phase as in the Pre-ICL phase or if some other unspecified cost sharing is applied.


The CCW constructs the Plan Characteristics File from information submitted by plan sponsors to CMS’s Health Plan Management System (HPMS).

Employer and National Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) plans are waived from reporting Plan Benefit Package information.

For those plans that did not report, the value of this variable will be blank. 

Source: CMS (HPMS Files)

Code Code value
1 No Cost Sharing
2 Pre ICL Cost Sharing Applies to Selected Tiers
9 Not Applicable