Total drug cost (Part D)

SAS Name

This variable is the total cost of the prescription drug event and is taken directly from the original PDE.  It is the sum of the following components:

  • The ingredient cost (INGRDNT_CST_PD_AMT),
  • The dispensing fee (DSPNSNG_FEE_PD_AMT),
  • The sales tax, if any (TOT_AMT_ATTR_SLS_TAX_AMT), and
  • The vaccine administration fee, if any (VCCN_ADMIN_FEE_AMT, included starting in 2010).

This is the price paid for the drug at the point of sale (i.e., the pharmacy counter), and it does not include any rebates or discounts that the drug manufacturer provides directly to the Part D plan sponsor. 


Starting in 2010, this variable includes the vaccine administration fee, when applicable.

Source: PDE