Standard Payment Amount

SAS Name

This amount identifies the standardized Medicare payment amount.


This is the standardized amount as determined by PRICER software output. This amount is never used for payments. It is used for comparisons across different regions of the country for the value-based purchasing initiatives and for research. It is a standard amount, without the geographical payment adjustments and some of the other add-on payments that actually go to the hospitals.

This field is new in October 2014. This field applied only to Inpatient claims until July 2018, when it also applied to Home Health Agency (HHA) claims. For HHA claims, this field was initially called FINL_STD_AMT in the CCW RIF.

Note that an additional field is available that further adjusts the standard Medicare Payment amount by applying additional standardization requirements (e.g. sequestration).

Refer to variable called the final standardized amount (FINL_STD_AMT).

Source: NCH