Product Service ID

SAS Name

This field identifies the dispensed drug using a National Drug Code (NDC).

The NDC is reported in NDC11 format. In instances where a pharmacy formulates a compound containing multiple NDC drugs, the NDC of the most expensive drug is used.


The NDC is reported in an 11-digit format, which is divided into three sections. The first five digits indicate the manufacturer or the labeler; the next four digits indicate the ingredient, strength, dosage form and route of administration; and the last two digits indicate the packaging.

The FDA assigns the manufacturer portion of the code; the manufacturer supplies the rest.

NDC code in the following format: MMMMMDDDDPP followed by 8 spaces.

CMS rejects the following codes: 99999999999, 99999999992, 99999999993, 99999999994, 99999999995 and 99999999996.

Source: PDE