Plan Contract ID

SAS Name

This variable is the unique Part D contract identifier for the beneficiary’s Part D plan of record for the year. CMS assigns an identifier to each contract that a Part D plan has with CMS.

If the beneficiary was enrolled in more than one plan during the year, this is the contract number for the Part D plan in which the beneficiary was enrolled at the end of the year.

The first character of the plan contract ID is a letter representing the type of plan.


For 2006-2012, this variable was always encrypted to comply with CMS privacy rules.

You need to know both the Part D contract number and plan benefit package number (PLAN_PBP_REC_NUM) in order to identify the specific plan in which a beneficiary was enrolled.

Source: PDE

5-digit alpha/numeric value. First digit is one of the following -
Code Code value
H Managed Care Organizations other than Regional PPO
R Regional preferred provider organization (PPO)
S Stand-alone prescription drug plan (PDP)
E Employer direct plan (starting January 2007)
X Limited Income Newly Eligible Transition plan (LI NET, starting July 2009)