Part D Retiree Drug Subsidy Indicator - August

SAS Name

This variable indicates if the beneficiary was enrolled in an employer-sponsored prescription drug plan that qualified for Part D’s retiree drug subsidy (RDS) for a given month (August).


Some employers offer prescription drug plans to their retirees, and Part D pays a subsidy to plans that offer coverage that is equivalent to (or better than) conventional Part D benefits.

CMS does not collect PDEs for beneficiaries that are enrolled in RDS-eligible plans.

There are 12 monthly variables — where the 01 through 12 at the end of the variable name correspond with the month (e.g., 01 is January and 12 is December).

Source: CMS Common Medicare Environment (CME)

Code Code value
Y Employer subsidized for the retired beneficiary
N No employer subsidization for the retired beneficiary
0 Not Medicare enrolled for the month
Null/missing Enrolled in Medicare A and/or B, but no Part D enrollment data for the beneficiary