NDI Record Axis Cause of Death - 19th Condition

SAS Name

This field identifies the nineteenth underlying causes of death code as edited and audited by National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS).


For decedents 1999-2006 there are up to 8 underlying conditions on the NDI record and for 2007-2016 there are up to 20 underlying conditions (RECORD_COND_1 - RECORD_COND_20). Researchers wishing to obtain this NDI segment of the MBSF must obtain an additional approval beyond the CMS DUA. There is another version of the underlying cause of death conditions that is the unedited version from the death certificate (see ENTITY_COND_1 - ENTITY_COND_20).

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Death Index (NDI) 

Each condition takes 5 positions in the record.
Positions 1-4: Condition Code (See ICD-10 codes)
Note: Whenever there is a 4-position code, there is always an implied decimal after the 3rd position.
Position 5: Nature of Injury Flag
Code Code value
0 all other codes (always 0 for ICD-10 codes; 1999 forward)