Date that beneficiary first met claims criteria for the chronic kidney disease indicator

SAS Name

This variable shows the date when the beneficiary first met the criteria for the Chronic Conditions Warehouse (CCW) chronic kidney disease indicator. The variable will be blank for beneficiaries that have never had the condition.


The earliest possible date for this variable is January 1, 2016, since the algorithm for this condition requires ICD-10 diagnosis codes within the specified lookback period. If the beneficiary became eligible for Medicare after that, the earliest possible date will be some time after his/her coverage start date (i.e., the COVSTART variable in the Master Beneficiary Summary File [MBSF]).

Source: CCW (derived)

ResDAC Comments

From CY 2017 to CY 2021, the MBSF: Chronic Conditions segment also has a previous (CC27) version. The algorithm used to create the First Occurrence of Chronic Kidney Disease variable in the CC27 version includes different DX codes. Different DX codes means that codes were added and removed between versions.