Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Indicator Code

SAS Name

The code indicating that the beneficiary has spent time in the intensive care unit (ICU) during the stay. It also specifies the type of ICU.


This field is derived by checking for the presence of ICU revenue center codes (listed below) on any of the claim records included in the stay. If more than one of the revenue center codes listed below are included on these claims; the code with the highest revenue center total charge amount is used.

This field is derived by identifying the accommodation revenue center codes 020X (all nine subcategories) from all claims included in the stay.

There is approximately a 20% error rate in the revenue center code category 0206 due to coders misunderstanding the term 'post ICU' as including any day after an ICU stay rather than just days in a step-down/lower case version of an ICU. 'Post' was removed from the revenue center code 0206 description, effective 10/1/96 (12/96 MEDPAR update). 0206 Is now defined as intermediate ICU'.

Source: MedPAR (derived)

Code Code value
0 General (revenue center 0200)
1 Surgical (revenue center 0201)
2 Medical (revenue center 0202)
3 Pediatric (revenue center 0203)
4 Psychiatric (revenue center 0204)
6 Intermediate IOU; (revenue center 0209) prior to 12/96 update was 'post ICU'
7 Burn care (revenue center 0207)
8 Trauma (revenue center 0208)
9 Other intensive care (revenue code 0209)