Dispense as Written (DAW) Product Selection Code

SAS Name

This field indicates the prescriber's instruction regarding substitution of generic equivalents or order to dispense the specific prescribed medication.

Part D plans generally require pharmacies to use generics or the least expensive version of the prescribed drug.

However, there are times when a prescriber intends for the beneficiary to receive the drug exactly as it is written on the prescription (e.g., to get the brand-name version of a drug). When there are specific instructions from the prescriber, it is indicated in this variable with a value of 1 or greater.

Source: PDE


This field does not necessarily represent the way the drug was actually dispensed.

Code Code value
0 No Product Selection Indicated (may also have missing values)
1 Substitution Not Allowed by Prescriber
2 Substitution Allowed - Patient Requested That Brand Product Be Dispensed
3 Substitution Allowed - Pharmacist Selected Product Dispensed
4 Substitution Allowed - Generic Drug Not in Stock
5 Substitution Allowed - Brand Drug Dispensed as Generic
6 Override
7 Substitution Not Allowed - Brand Drug Mandated by Law
8 Substitution Allowed - Generic Drug Not Available in Marketplace
9 Other