Claim HHA Total Visit Count

SAS Name

The count of the number of HHA visits as derived by CMS. 


Derivation rule (units associated with revenue center codes 042X, 043X, 044X, 055X, 056X, 057X, 058X and 059X). Value '999' will be displayed if the sum of the revenue center unit count equals or exceeds '999'.

Effective 7/1/99, all HHA claims received with service from dates 7/1/99 and after will be processed as if the units field contains the 15 minute interval count; and each visit revenue code line item will be counted as ONE visit. This field is calculated correctly; but those users who derive the count themselves they will have to revise their routine. NO LONGER IS THE COUNT DERIVED BY ADDING UP THE UNITS FIELDS ASSOCIATED WITH THE HHA VISIT REVENUE CODES. 

Source: NCH