CCW Prescriber Identifier

SAS Name

This variable is the CCW-assigned number that is used to uniquely identify prescribers found in the Part D Event File. The ID is specific to the CCW and not applicable to any other identification system or data source.  

This field also enables linkage between the Part D Event File and the CCW Prescriber Characteristics File. This variable is only available 2006 - 2013.


Beginning with 2014 data, this variable has been retired and researchers may obtain both the actual prescriber identifier (PRSCRBR_ID) and the CCW Prescriber Characteristics File. As of May 2013, the PRSCRBR_ID is always populated with the National Provider Identifier (NPI).

Researchers who received CCW data from 2006-2013 and wish to identify the HCIdea-assigned provider ID (HCID) and/or NPI associated with the CCW_PRSCRBR_ID may request the "Prescriber Bridge File", which is designed for this purpose.

For 2006-2013, this variable is the CCW-assigned prescriber identifier that is populated by linking the PRSCRBR_ID from the PDE to the proprietary HCIdea Prescriber Database. HCIdea has prescriber information from a variety of data sources, including the NPPES directory (the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System, which assigns a unique NPI to each provider), the Drug Enforcement Administration (through data files known as the Controlled Substances Act Registrants), and SureScripts (a nationwide e-prescribing network). Using these input files, it was generally possible for CCW to identify a unique provider using an NPI, DEA number, and/or UPIN number.

This variable is populated for every PDE that could be linked to a provider in the HCIdea database for that year. CCW_PRSCRBR_ID has a negative value when a conclusive link could not be found between the prescriber identification number in the source PDE data and the HCIdea database.

Source: PDE and HCIdea™ Prescriber Database (derived)

Null, or any positive or negative number