Age Group

SAS Name

A beneficiary’s age group (in years) during the last month of enrollment in the calendar year, grouped into categories.


This variable is derived from the TAF variable AGE_NUM, for which ages > 125 are set to 125. Age can be less than zero (AGE_GRP_FLAG = 1) in cases where a fetus is covered.

This age group value is the most recent in the calendar year (or, if not populated, then most recent value from prior year[s] is used).

SOURCE: T-MSIS Annual Demographic and Eligibility TAF

Code Code value
1 Age <1
2 Age 1-5
3 Age 6-14
4 Age 15-18
5 Age 19-20
6 Age 21-44
7 Age 45-64
8 Age 65-74
9 Age 75-84
10 Age 85-125
Null/missing source value is missing or unknown