Academic or Professional Credential 2 - for Part D Prescribers

SAS Name

The degree or academic credential for the prescriber. This variable is one of five possible credentials or academic degrees in the source data.


This variable is populated by linking to the proprietary HCIdea™ Prescriber Database. HCIdea obtains prescriber information from a variety of data sources, including the NPPES directory (which has each unique NPI that has been assigned to a provider), the Drug Enforcement Administration, and SureScripts (a nationwide e-prescribing network). Information regarding credentials is self-reported by the provider.

From this source data, CCW creates an array of academic or professional credentials associated with the provider during the year. We gave priority in this array to the types of credentials most likely to have prescribing privileges, the next priority was other medical credentials, and then other types of academic credentials that may have appeared in the source data. See also CREDENTIAL02 through CREDENTIAL05. The number of credentials for a prescriber may vary from year to year.

Source: HCIdea™ Prescriber Database

(e.g., MD, DO, RN, DPM)