(52Ed) Tissue Type: Discharge

SAS Name

A code that indicates the type of tissue that occupies the majority of the ulcer bed of the largest pressure ulcer at the time of discharge.

Code Code value
00 Closed/resurfaced: The wound is completely covered with epithelium (new skin)
01 Epithelial tissue: For superficial ulcers, new pink or shiny tissue (skin) that grows in from the edges or as islands on the ulcer surface.
02 Granulation tissue: Pink or beefy red tissue with a shiny, moist granular appearance
03 Slough: Yellow or white tissue that adheres to the ulcer bed in strings or thick clumps or is mucinous
04 Necrotic tissue (eschar): Black, brown, or tan tissue that adheres firmly to the wound bed or ulcer edges.