(39Pd) Social Cognition - Social Interaction: Discharge

SAS Name

A score indicating the patient's ability for social interaction at discharge.  Social interaction includes skills related to getting along and participating with others in therapeutic and social situations.  It represents how one deals with one's own needs together with the needs of others.

Code Code value
01 Helper - Complete Dependence/Total Assistance (Subject less than 25%)
02 Helper - Complete Dependence/Maximal Assistance (Subject 25% or more)
03 Helper - Modified Dependence/Moderate Assistance (Subject 50% or more)
04 Helper - Modified Dependence/Minimal Assistance (Subject 75% or more)
05 Helper - Modified Dependence/Supervision (Subject 100%)
06 No Helper/Modified Independence (Device)
07 No Helper/Complete Independence (Timely, Safely)