(39Id) Transfers - Bed, chair, wheelchair: Discharge

SAS Name

A score indicating the patient's ability to transfer from a bed to a chair and back, or from a bed to a wheelchair and back, or coming to a standing position if walking is the typical mode of locomotion at discharge.

Code Code value
01 Helper - Complete Dependence/Total Assistance (Subject less than 25%)
02 Helper - Complete Dependence/Maximal Assistance (Subject 25% or more)
03 Helper - Modified Dependence/Moderate Assistance (Subject 50% or more)
04 Helper - Modified Dependence/Minimal Assistance (Subject 75% or more)
05 Helper - Modified Dependence/Supervision (Subject 100%)
06 No Helper/Modified Independence (Device)
07 No Helper/Complete Independence (Timely, Safely)