(39Aa) Self-Care: Eating: Admission

SAS Name

A score indicating the patient's ability to eat at admission.  Eating includes the ability to use suitable utensils to bring food to the mouth, as well as the ability to chew and swallow the food once the meal is presented in the customary manner on a table or tray.

Code Code value
00 Activity did not occur
01 Helper - Complete Dependence/Total Assistance (Subject less than 25%)
02 Helper - Complete Dependence/Maximal Assistance (Subject 25% or more)
03 Helper - Modified Dependence/Moderate Assistance (Subject 50% or more)
04 Helper - Modified Dependence/Minimal Assistance (Subject 75% or more)
05 Helper - Modified Dependence/Supervision (Subject 100%)
06 No Helper/Modified Independence (Device)
07 No Helper/Complete Independence (Timely, Safely)