File Version:
CCW data documentation 8-6-18
NumberSAS NameVariable Name
1 BENE_ID Encrypted CCW Beneficiary ID
2 RFRNC_YR Year of Part D Medication Therapy Management (MTM) File
3 CONTRACT_ID Part D Contract Number
4 TARG_CRITERIA_MET Beneficiary Met Targeting criteria
5 LTC_ENROLLMENT Beneficiary identified as long-term care (LTC) facility resident
6 COG_IMPAIRED Beneficiary Identified as Cognitively Impaired
7 ENROLLMENT_DT Date of MTM program enrollment
8 TARG_CRITERIA_MET_DT Date Part D Targeting Criteria Met
9 OPT_OUT_DT Date of MTM program opt-out
10 OPT_OUT_REASON Reason participant opted-out of MTM program
11 CMR_OFFERED Beneficiary offered an annual comprehensive medication review (CMR)
12 CMR_OFFERED_DT Date of the initial CMR offer within the reporting period
13 CMR_RECEIVED Indicate if received annual CMR with written summary in CMS standardized format
14 CMR_RECEIVED_DT1 Date First Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) received
15 CMR_RECEIVED_DT2 Date Second Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) received
16 CMR_RECEIVED_DT3 Date Third Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) received
17 CMR_RECEIVED_DT4 Date Fourth Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) received
18 CMR_RECEIVED_DT5 Date Fifth Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) received
19 CMR_DELIVERY_METHOD Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) delivery method
20 CMR_PROVIDER Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) provider type
21 CMR_RECIPIENT Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) recipient
22 CMR_RECEIVED_NUM Number of Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs) received
23 TARG_MED_REV_NUM Number of targeted medication reviews conducted
24 PRESCRIBER_INTERV_NUM Number of drug therapy problem recommendations to prescribers
25 DRUG_THER_CHG_NUM Number of drug therapy problem resolutions with prescribers