For most files, a table of variables will display below, with links to the variable definitions. If no table displays, or if you need additional information for a specific variable, please see the CCW website. Data documentation is available for all files and codebooks for many.

If you are unable to locate the information you need, please contact ResDAC.

NumberSAS NameVariable Name
1 FORMULARY_ID Formulary identification number
2 FRMLRY_RX_ID CCW Formulary drug identifier
3 TIER_ID Tier Number
4 STEP Step Number
5 QUANTITY_LIMIT_YN Quantity Limit Indicator (Formulary)
6 PRIOR_AUTHORIZATION_YN Prior Authorization Indicator (Formulary)
7 BN Brand Name
8 GNN Generic Name
9 STR Drug Strength Description
10 GCDF Dosage Form Code
11 GCDF_DESC Dosage Form Code Description