For most files, a table of variables will display below, with links to the variable definitions. If no table displays, or if you need additional information for a specific variable, please see the CCW website. Data documentation is available for all files and codebooks for many.

If you are unable to locate the information you need, please contact ResDAC.

NumberSAS NameVariable Name
1 BENE_ID Encrypted CCW Beneficiary ID
2 ACO_NUM ACO identifier
3 BIRTH_DT Date of Birth
4 BENE_DEATH_DT Date of Death
5 GNDR_CD Gender
6 MO1_ALIGN Month 1 Alignment Flag
7 MO2_ALIGN Month 2 Alignment Flag
8 MO3_ALIGN Month 3 Alignment Flag
9 MO4_ALIGN Month 4 Alignment Flag
10 MO5_ALIGN Month 5 Alignment Flag
11 MO6_ALIGN Month 6 Alignment Flag
12 MO7_ALIGN Month 7 Alignment Flag
13 MO8_ALIGN Month 8 Alignment Flag
14 MO9_ALIGN Month 9 Alignment Flag
15 MO10_ALIGN Month 10 Alignment Flag
16 MO11_ALIGN Month 11 Alignment Flag
17 MO12_ALIGN Month 12 Alignment Flag